Cliffhangers 2016

What were your key takeaways?
  • Be prepared for the cliffhanger. You don't know everything. Be honest. Do the best you can.         
  • We all have cliffhanger moments; stay authentic, listen to your own values as a consultant; keep within the boundaries of your role, even if that means being flexible and creative. Keep calm!     
  • Trust your gut!          
  • There are many valid ways to see exactly the same situation.  This is a central piece of intelligence from this program.    
  • There is a broad range of possible strategies that can be effective in a given difficult client situation.          
  • "Key takeaways for me:
    1. Approach cliffhanger moments with empathy
    2. Passion is passion, even if expressed as anger
    3. My approach was in some ways validated by the approach taken, or by other facilitators
    4. I learned different approaches may apply in certain situations
    5. Try to avoid getting caught up in my own emotions (fear, uncertainty...)
  • How important it is to remain clear on your objectives while listening for what is in the room        
  • "Be open to unexpected and rapid changes in situations and be prepared to think on your feet.”
  • Accurate assessment of the political landscape is helpful in deciding next steps."
  • "It’s not my job to make everyone happy.”
  • It is appropriate to assess when and how to invite attendees to surface their concerns"       
  • The "softer" skills of facilitation can easily trump a sharp agenda or other preparedness.
What did you most appreciate about the workshop?
  • Abby was a great facilitator, the presenters really for very kind and sharing and the audience was really active in participating in all the exercises.      
  • Getting to know other members and hearing about their experiences. I liked the format, working more in-depth in smaller groups.  
  • Honesty and openness of the group  
  • I love how eagerly and humbly our colleagues share their stories, and how eagerly and vulnerably individuals at my table explored their noticings.    
  • The open discussion of differing perspectives on a given situation.           
  • Meeting facilitators in the area, hearing from their experiences, group discussions to hear and discuss different approaches based on training/background/philosophies, etc.     
  • The format and structure was quite conducive to shared learning  
  • The opportunity to meet, interact, and work with professionals in my area of interest.          
  • The experience and authenticity of the participants greatly augmented the beautifully designed workshop.